Our Gift to You

When my grandmother passed away last summer, of course I wished for one more day with her. But what I really wished is that I had written down the stories she was always telling. The ones that she told over and over that I thought I would never forget…because I’m forgetting.

A couple of summers ago I read “A Hiding Place” and “Anne Frank’s Diary”. I remember looking at my grandmother thinking, “You lived during that time!” Of course as a little girl on a farm in Texas, the stories she was living weren’t of hiding or concentration camps, but somewhere there is a granddaughter who has listened to stories told of that era by a grandmother who wasn’t just alive during that time, she lived it. 

The stories that pour out of times of hardship and tragedy speak so loudly. The stories we have loved to read, the stories that inspired us to live this crazy overseas life, were written down and retold until they made their way into our hearts. At the time, Corrie Ten Boom and George Müller didn’t know that their overwhelming days would someday be written into books. Or that those words would find their way, years later, into a little girl’s heart who would grow to desire to live a life of sacrifice for the kingdom.

As overwhelmed as many of us are by our lack of funds, community, resources, safety, etc., this provides a blank canvas for God to show up. A wide open space for us to see Him working because our distractions are quieted. And although we may not feel like journaling or writing down our stories, someday, our granddaughters may wish we did. Who knows how our words written in a desert time may find fertile soil to grow!

We exist to support you, to give you courage to thrive wherever you are, so we want to share a resource we created for you during this time. “30 days of social distancing journal prompts” gives you a way to document this time of your life. If you are a journaler, we suggest using this on repeat every 30 days during this crazy and intense global season.

If you want a different way to experience this or journaling is not your thing, we suggest you partner this with the “Day One” digital journaling app. This free app allows you to capture pictures, videos, and music, and gives you a space to journal.

God, the author of the best story ever told, wants to use yours. He is glorified through the story He is writing in our lives. Why not use this time to make sure it gets told? When God is in your story, we know you won’t just survive this time…you will live it.

We love you all. We care about you. We are in this with you.


Download the PDF or PNG file to use as you tell your story!

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