That Time I Cried Over Spilt Soap

There I was. Kneeling on the cold, hard tile. Arms draped over the bathtub. In tears.

“Why?” you might ask.

“Did somebody die? Was our family in some sort of crises?”

No. Somehow my soap got spilled.

“All over an electronic device that is now ruined?” you might ask.

No. Into the bathtub. That’s right. My tub was now cleaner than it had been two hours prior and I was a sobbing mess. (What is it about this life abroad that makes me so emotional?!  Can anyone else relate?)

To fully understand why, I guess I should first explain that I have a 3-month old baby – a beautiful little boy with all of his sweet, soft, sensitive newborn skin. And this soap was one specially designed with newborn-skin in mind – brought from the States. I had brought it back with me while on a trip “home” during my pregnancy and I was so excited to have it for my new little bundle of joy! I used it so sparingly, in fact, that I would often have bets going on in my own mind of just how long I could make that little bottle of soap last. 6 months? A year!? I was determined to find out!

Until now. Now, at least a good three quarters of it were literally down the drain.

After a few moments of self-pity, two reality checks hit me.

#1: You’re being ridiculous, Emily! Get yourself together. It’s SOAP!

And #2 (This one was more subtle – possibly a “still small voice?”): It’s going to be ok. Your child will not be harmed if (gasp!) you have to wash him with regular soap.

Then came this…

“The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!” Job 1:21

Job definitely had far more reason to despair than my spilt soap! He had just about every single thing in his life taken from him in one day! If God can give Job reason to praise and worship Him in that dark, dark season, how much can He give us, as well?

Let’s count our blessings together, friends. This is prayer! We worship when we reflect on all of God’s goodness and when we take the time to tell him of our gratitude. Below are some of the things that make me overwhelmed with gratefulness and then I’d encourage you come up with your list, too. It is refreshing to the soul to think, reflect, and meditate on the things that God has done. The things He has given us. In fact, it’s Biblical. And, then, don’t stop there; tell him! Give thanks to the One who has given us so much – far more than we deserve.

Let’s turn our eyes up and out of the darkness that can often invade.

So here’s my list, however incomplete it may be. (There is always more to be thankful for, right!?)

My husband, as I write this, is washing the dishes just so I can have a few moments of sanity. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

My oldest daughter (4) has grown into such an affectionate, loving, mothering big sister to her little sister and brother. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

My middle child (2), another girl, has become so beautiful, both inwardly and outwardly in the last year. Her genuine love for people and soft, curly blonde hair are both reflections of the One who made her. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

My youngest (3 months), a son, has so much patience and contentment; he is just a joy for everyone he meets. He is growing so much and so fast and has even learned to roll over in the last week. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

We have two babies in Heaven that we can’t wait to meet one day. I am so incredibly grateful for their gift of life, even though we were never able to hold them here. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

We have an amazing team of Ugandan nationals and so many other Ugandan friends that we get to live life with. As we seek to encourage them, how much more encouragement they give to us! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

And, finally, the greatest blessing of all (I hope you can all relate and say a resounding “Amen” with me here), God’s goodness, faithfulness and kindness richly lavished on us, so undeservingly. God’s sweet and free gift of salvation, paid with His blood. His peace that surpasses all understanding. The gifts He gives us freely and in abundance. And there is so, so much more that our good, good Father gives. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!

Yes, we have experienced far greater trials than spilt soap, but God still graciously gives us the peace and joy to say, “Blessed be His name!”

What are some of the things you’re thankful for? Join me in giving praise and worship in the offering of prayer to our God.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


  1. Spring March 26, 2019

    I have to admit that I would be crying about the soap too, especially if it was precious! Oh how our ideas of preciousness change.

    YOur post reminds me of Ann Voskamp. I do have a list. It is at about 600, so I need to keep going. (I hadn’t remembered in a while) Currently I am thankful for electricity to run fans, the fact that I can sweat, kids who play with friends and enough paint to paint the kitchen.

    1. Emily Raan March 30, 2019

      Wow! 600. That’s amazing. I have thought about starting a running list like that in a journal or something but haven’t taken the time to do that yet. And, man, I can definitely relate to being thankful for electricity, fans, and the ability to sweat! (That last one made me laugh out loud.). It is an amazing thing how the simple and mundane things end up meaning so much to us when living abroad.

  2. Lilly March 27, 2019

    So sweet, Emily. Love this post and it is very helpful. Thank you!

    1. Emily Raan March 30, 2019

      Thank you, Lilly! I’m so glad you enjoyed and found encouragement in my post. That makes it all worth it for me. 🙂

  3. Sarah Hilkemann March 29, 2019

    Love your gratefulness list, Emily, and the reminder to look up and out of the darkness! That is something I need to put continuously before me.

    1. Emily Raan March 30, 2019

      I’m glad you were encouraged my post and list, Sarah. Looking up, for me, anyway, is sometimes something I need to consciously tell myself to do. But God is so very gracious and gives the ability to do so freely, doesn’t He?

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