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Remember those spiritual gifts tests?  You’ve taken one, right?  What did it say?

Probably not: “Gifted in uprooting her life, leaving her home and finding her way in a foreign place.”  And yet this is what you’ve done.

Packed in your bags you brought with you two kinds of spiritual gifts.  You brought the gifts you know about, the ones that you say, “Yes, this is me, this is how God uses me.”  And yet somehow when you arrive, these gifts that you know you have, can suddenly seem all wrong.

Miss Hospitality threw amazing parties in her previous life.  So she was excited to host her first party in her new foreign home.  She created an tantalizing spread on her table, welcomed her guests and told them to dig in, help themselves to the buffet.  And then they all just stood around awkwardly, no one touching a thing.

So Miss Hospitality cried in her pillow that night, feeling anything but gifted.

Then there are the gifts in your bag that come as stowaways, the ones you don’t even know about.  Somehow you only get to know them when you’re thrown in and stretched thin by the extremes of foreign living.

You didn’t know that you could swallow anything with a smile.  You didn’t know that your eyes could carry a wordless conversation with a little girl on the street.  You didn’t know that you knew sign language.

We talk a lot about how living overseas brings out the weaknesses in us that we never knew we had.  But it also bring out our gifts, sometimes in ways we’d never have imagined.  So this week, let’s talk about our giftedness.  Bring your link ups to The Grove.

And don’t miss Tuesday’s book club where we’ll be talking about calling and mistakes in ministry.  Such great discussion happening over the book As Soon As I Fell.

Photo Source : Unsplash

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