The Grove Prompt: Connecting

This is an exciting week around Velvet Ashes. On Tuesday we open the registration for Fall Connection Groups! If your life is anything like mine, it is easy to get swept up in the busyness of life.

But God’s heart for you, for me, for us, is not to be swept up in activities that keep us on the go so much we are not connected.

Connected to God.

Connected to ourselves. How are we doing in the season? What are we learning about suffering and struggle? Where are we growing?

Connected to others.

Connected to nature—even if you live in a concrete jungle or the 19th floor of a high rise.

Separated or disjointed or disintegrated. Language of The Fall. But they seem so normal, don’t they? And for now they are. But Christ came not only for eternity that will be, he also came for the eternity that is now.

As a stone of remembrance, we are marking this fall (or spring!) by connecting. By saying, “We as a community, will take this week to center ourselves around this concept of connecting. We will remember who we really are. We will protect times in our lives to connect.”

So join the discussion this week in the comments. Show us on Instagram how you are connecting these day with #VelvetAshesConnecting. Bring your blog posts to the Grove. What has God taught you through team living?


  1. Katherine September 2, 2017

    ‘…this fall (or spring!)…’
    That helps me, an Aussie work out which month we are talking about , ta!

    1. Amy Young September 3, 2017

      Yay! :). And happy spring! Any signs of spring yet?

  2. Katherine September 5, 2017

    Well after that lovely friendly nod to confused Aussies, I feel bad saying that as I’ve lived in the tropics for over a decade I hardly think of this as spring anymore either (it still helps me work out which month). I’m enjoying rainy season though!

    1. Annalisa September 6, 2017

      I hear you. As a Michigander (USA) who has lived the last nearly 7 years in Guatemala, I just laugh when they say “winter” and think “You have no clue.” Definitely prefer rainy season to the dry one!

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