1. Patty September 23, 2017

    After my first three months on the field, i asked myself where is home. I knew i was to be here in Central America; yet I asked my self where is home. I never really felt homesick but people would asked where is home for you? It was a good question and my only answer was SC. I grew up in the low country and went to college and lived in the upstate for most of my adult life. No where really felt like home. There was a yearning to go. I knew God had called me to international work and now that I am in my 50’s I knew it was now or never. So Here I am. Living in a place I had visited many times doing intercultural work. As the movie saids….home is where the heart is. I look around this city …this country and like Jesus weeped over Jerusalem I am broken for the people here. Home, well, that is not of this world. But until then I pray God opens doors and makes divine appointments. Then one day when I am “home” and some people in heaven come up to me and say thanks for telling me about the Son. I can smile and say home wouldn’t be the same without you.

  2. Kacy Lou Leyba September 29, 2017

    The longer I experience homesickness, the more I realize there is no cure outside of the heart and arms of Christ.

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