The Grove Prompt: Sabbath

Did your soul exhale a bit at the thought? Ours too. It is our annual time to Sabbath together. Not to just talk about rhythms, but to live them.

Here are a few good reads about Sabbath:

We saw that the Creator has woven Sabbath into the very rhythms of nature. Remember the tusk of the narwhal? If you have no idea what we’re talking about, prepare to be amazed at God. Again.

We talked about how to cultivate rest and play.

We shared about our deep need for rest.

We gave ideas for how leaders and those in our line of work can rest.

We talked about our addiction to doing, and had an enriching talk at The Grove about what Sabbath actually looks like in our lives–including Sabbath with young kids.

If you’re interested, Shelly Miller hosts a Sabbath Society and on Fridays will drop a gentle email sharing about Sabbath. She is a gentle and kind guide.

This week we’re giving ourselves space to breathe and rest. There will be no posts. No Book Club, no meet up at The Grove. Just space to be quiet, to fill up again.

See you after Sabbath, friends.

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  1. Betty Draper July 16, 2016

    Rhythms,that one word keeps popping up to me. Probably because I am reading a book by Stephen Smith titles, Inside Job. One statement stood out to me..Sabbath is a time where we can linger, not rush. He ask this question, does Sabbath keeping have cultural implications? Absolutely! Sabbath is a way we can redeem both our culture and our time. Rather than closing our garage doors so quickly when we enter our home sanctuaries, Sabbath gives us time to invite a neighbor over for a cup of tea, a time to sit on the patio and linger. We hurry and scurry all the other days of the week, but Sabbath lets us eradicate hurry for a twenty four hours of time. Sabbath lets us slow down.

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