The Restorative Power of Diet Pepsi and TV

Team meetings. How many of us inwardly groan a little bit when we hear those two words? I know I went through a period of time when I definitely did more groaning and dreading than I care to think of. You usually don’t get to choose your teammates. You get thrown together with a group of people from various backgrounds, experiences and personalities and are told that this is to be your main community. You need to work together to display Christ’s love to those around you and [big breath here] you need to work out the Gospel daily with each other.

If I’m going to be completely honest, team can hurt and stink like nothing else. Seven years ago, I ran away from team. Literally. After a hard year filled with rejection and confusion in Cambodia, my husband Vandenn and I moved to China. We were still going to be on a team in our new location, but we would not have the added pressure and scrutiny of being in leadership. I was weary. The recent experiences and turmoil with team had left me feeling battle worn. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it again. I doubted whether we even needed to be on a team.

After a couple months of getting settled into our new home, I started to take the bus once or twice a week to my teammate Rebecca’s apartment in town. After I plopped myself down on her comfy recliner, she would hand me a Diet Pepsi and we would watch recorded American TV shows. No pressure. Just a Diet Pepsi and some leftovers. She would make me laugh and feel comfortable. It was exactly what I needed. After a year of feeling like no one wanted to get to know me, she welcomed me and let me just be. Her kindness swept over me and started healing some sore and bitter areas of my life—and all she did was hand me a Diet Pepsi.

During the course of that year, Vandenn and I realized that we needed to head back to Cambodia. God had drawn us away to find a renewed vision for team life. We had been broken because of team, but it’s also through team that our hearts were covered in a rich and thick salve that allowed us to grow and heal. I still carried some hurts and fears back with me, but I was keenly aware that running away was not the answer. I had to go back and allow God to refine me through the work of team.

Team can be a hard pill to swallow sometimes, especially after we’ve been hurt. It can also be what we need the most. A year ago I had to have my thyroid taken out completely. After the surgery, I remember how much it hurt to move my neck or swallow. The nurse came in with these huge calcium pills that she said I needed to take. I stared at these pills for the longest time.

I could barely swallow my own spit!

How could this nurse expect me to take these pills that were obviously meant for a horse. I waited hours. Finally, I placed one delicately on my tongue, took a gulp of water and swallowed. It felt like needles going down my throat. I knew I needed to take them. My face was twitching from the lack of calcium post surgery, so I finished the other pills. And the next day, it hurt a little less. And a little less. Until I could swallow those pills and move normally.

Yes, it may be easier in some ways to do life overseas without team. But I know I would not be who I am now without the ones God has blessed me to work with. He has taught me so much about Himself through them. They have served my family and me in extremely sacrificial ways. My kids had aunts and uncles away from home. I had friends who stopped by with a Frappuccino and a hug. They helped us mop out our flooded house and gave us comfort when our house was robbed. They pointed us in the right direction when we started to doubt or brought thoughtful critique to areas that we were weak in.

They understood more clearly than anyone else what it meant to be doing the work we’d been called to do overseas.

Maybe today you find yourself wanting to run away from team. Perhaps you see someone who needs to be handed a Diet Pepsi and given some space to rest and heal. How can you move towards your team today instead of away from?

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  1. Angie April 6, 2015

    Our family is headed to the field in a few months for our first term. I am trying not to have too many expectations for our teammates and ourselves. One family we know fairly well, another we are just getting to know, and two others we won’t get to know much more until we get there. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time!

    1. Danielle Krouch April 6, 2015

      I think going in with few expectations is important! I always told our new teammates: “Assume the best of your teammates.” Feelings are hurt when we feel like people are working against us. Most likely, it’s just a break down in communication or a misunderstanding. It sounds like you have some exciting times ahead! I hope you can keep communication lines open as you enter this season together!

  2. Monica April 7, 2015

    We hae been on the field for 7 years with out a break.  I am sooo tired I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.  For us there is no place to run, and no way really to run.  were stuck.  I feel like I am laying in the bottom of a pit and people just keep piling rocks on top.  like I am suffocating.  There is no team for us.  We are the team!!

    1. Danielle Krouch April 7, 2015

      That sounds exhausting! It sounds like you could definitely use a nice break. I’ll be praying that God shows you some ways to step back and be renewed. Praying for encouragement for your downtrodden spirit as well.

  3. Casey April 8, 2015

    Danielle, this is such a good post, especially knowing you personally. I have been so blessed by knowing a bit of your team experiences. What beauty God can make from difficulty! Thanks for sharing with VA today, and I am praying youhave a “team” around you where you are now!

  4. Casey April 8, 2015

    Danielle, this is such a good post, especially knowing you personally. I have been so blessed by knowing a bit of your team experiences. What beauty God can make from difficulty! Thanks for sharing with VA today, and I am praying you have a “team” around you where you are now!

    1. Danielle Krouch April 8, 2015

      Thank you Casey! Indeed, God has blessed us with a growing “team” here that has truly helped us and encouraged us. We are so thankful!

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