This Week’s Prompt: Known

This week marks the beginning of our Fall Connection Groups Session.  We were blown away by the response to our registration launch.  In 27 hours our 7 groups were completely FULL!  Can you believe it?

I shouldn’t be surprised because I know how hungry women are to connect, to find a group of women where they can be safely known and understood.

In response the number of women that wrote and expressed disappointment at missing out on registration, we created two special connection groups that we’re calling “Writing Groups.  This means that they are connecting via email rather than Skype. (It doesn’t mean you have to be a “writer”!)  At the beginning of the week, the mentor will email out the same discussion questions that the Skype group is using.  These are questions specifically designed to connect and encourage women serving overseas or those who’ve returned. Group members reply all to share their responses.

The advantage to this kind of group is that you don’t have to have a time that works for you.  Reply and read on your own time throughout the week.  Here’s the bad news: we only have a few spots left in these writing groups.  So, if you’re interested in a Writing Connection Group, sign up here for Group 9.

If all spots are filled, please comment or write to us here to let us know you’re interested in a Writing Connection Group for the Spring Session.  This will help us know how many mentors to recruit.  And since we can only have as many groups as we have mentors for, let us know if you’re interested in applying to be a mentor in the spring!

This week we’re talking about being known.

–  In leaving your passport country and planting yourself in a foreign place, have you struggled with loneliness, longing for people that truly know you?  

–  What does it look like to know and be known in your relationships with nationals?

–   What does being known mean when you’re back in your passport country?

–  What part of you currently feels unknown?

Think on these questions.  Read and respond to the gorgeous pieces we have in store this week by Jessica Hoover, Danielle Krouch and Karen Huber.  Then join us at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pmEST, where we’ll share our hearts, our words, our art on the prompt “Known.”

AND… Book Club on Tuesday is announcing our next book and giving away 5 copies!  Come by and comment to enter and win!


Photo Credit: Mitya Ku via Compfight cc

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  1. paula miller September 28, 2014

    Wow Danielle! I would love to be part of a writing group.  Any chance we can get more groups?

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