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You are certainly welcome to be a silent observer here at Velvet Ashes.  But we sincerely hope you won’t be.  We want to know you, hear from you!  So step out. Reach out and grab hold of the connection that’s here for you.

Subscribe – First thing first!  Subscribing is the best way to be connected.

Get on The Map – Our Community Map is a great way to find and connect with other women in your area of the world.

Meet us at The Grove Here you’ll find the heart of interaction for our community.  Each Friday (beginning Thursday 6pm EST) we meet up to share our words, our art on the word prompt for the week.

Join our Book Club – You’re going to find a lot of book lovers among us.  Here’s where we delve into our shared passion.  Not a bookie?  Come anyway.  You might be surprised.

Comment on posts –  Let us hear your thoughts.  Encourage our brave writers.  Let the conversation flow out rich and sweet!

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter – Here you’ll get great links to read and share.

Check out our Pinterest – We’ve got lots of great ideas and help for living overseas.  Plus it’s a good place to find some of our posts on our popular themes.

Join the Instagram fun – This is where we do everyday life together.  Share your photos with hashtag #velvetashes and they will appear on the sidebar of our site (photos refresh every hour or so).  Connect with women in your region by using these hashtags:#velvetasheseurope #velvetashesasia #velvetashesafrica #velvetashesoceania #velvetashesME (Middle East) #velvetashesNA (North America) #velvetashesCA (Central America), #velvetashesSA (South America).

Every Friday (whenever that is for your timezone) we do #FridayIntroductions @velvet_ashes on Instagram.  Introduce yourself each week and share more by answering the prompt question for the week.  This is a great way for us to get to know each other a bit more every week. Don’t forget to add #velvetashes.  You can also sign up to take over Velvet Ashes’ Instagram feed for the day.  You’ll post 4-6 images as you walk us through your day. This is so fun, both to do and to see! Come sign up for a day here and check out the guidelines.

Write for us:  We are currently accepting submissions for posts.  You’ve got a story to share.  Velvet Ashes would love to help you find and offer your voice.  See our writer’s submission guidelines, and consider submitting a piece for one of our upcoming prompts.

Get in a Connection Group – We offer spring and fall sessions of Connection Groups. You can be a part of a small group of ladies led by a mentor who meet weekly via Skype or Facebook.

Take part in the Velvet Ashes Retreat for you, right where you are.  This is the highlight of the year around here.  In April we offer you a personal retreat experience that you won’t want to miss.


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