This Week’s Prompt: Pack

We had such a great time talking about “Prepare” last week!

This week is going to be an amazing mix of helpful, practical advice, while also coming alongside each other to acknowledge the heart-wrenching, exhausting process it is to pack up your life and move it to another country.

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Monday – You will either laugh or cry or do both when you read M’Lynn Taylor‘s oh-so-relatable poem on packing.

Tuesday – Join us as we talk at Book Club about the range of emotions we experience in our line of work: gratitude for the privileges we have, guilt over the same privileges, and frustration at the systems we can’t seem to influence.  Come write a prayer for the city you serve in!  

Wednesday – “Can I take my whole kitchen?” we’ve all asked ourselves.  Ashley Felder will share with us her list of must-have’s for her packing list.  Save yourself the mental energy and come copy her list!   AND… she’ll have a fabulous new recipe to try out (or to save for a future day when you’re un-packed.)

Thursday – Lovely Laura will be sharing about the freedom that comes with learning to live in simplicity.  Oh, the power of less

Friday – Join us at The Grove beginning at 6amEST.  Bring your link-ups, comments and art on the prompt “Pack.”  I’ll be sharing some great tools to help your packing process. We’ll talk about the #1 thing I wish I would have packed, and that “I can’t believe I actually brought this across the world” item (what was I thinking??).  We’ll share about the unwanted emotional baggage we carry with us too.

Know someone moving overseas?  Throw them a life-line and share Velvet Ashes with them this week!

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