This Week’s Prompt: Roles

We’ve just stepped foot into our spring series.  We’re on a journey to examine our expectations and to evaluate where we are in relationship to burnout.  Because we’re trying to figure out how to actually survive the Great Commission.

We believe in this Great Commission and the God who gave it to us.  But some days we don’t really know what our place is in it.

Some of us have flung ourselves out there into so many roles and responsibilities, we can’t keep it straight, much less find contentment and peace for our spinning head.

And some of us feel sidelined, itching for a chance, longing for someone to notice our gifts, to invite us to the table.

So what do we do?  Where do we fit into the Great Commission?  How do we find and balance our role as a woman?  As a mother?  As a single?  As a senior?

That’s what this week is about.

Join in the conversation this week, and bring your story to The Grove beginning Thurs 6pm EST.  And dive into book club on Tuesday as we discuss the book written for us: Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission.


Photo Source : Unsplash

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