This Week’s Theme: Connect with Your People

Your people.

The ones who bring you chocolate on the hard days, send you memes they know will make you smile, who aren’t afraid to get in your face when you aren’t on the right track.

Our people can look in our eyes through computer screens and know our hearts without a whole lot of explanation. They stand ready to show up in whatever way we need.

And we do the same for them.

Whether your people are your teammates, your supporters, your best friend from college, or your neighbors, this week we are celebrating them! Go out and tell your people what they mean to you. Send that text message or make that Zoom call. Those meaningful connections are priceless!

This week is also the launch of our Connection Group registration for the fall 2020 session! Registration opens at 6:00 PM Eastern on Tuesday, September 1st. Head over to our Connection Group page to check out all the groups offered this session!


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