This Week’s Theme: Healing

Can I tell you how much it meant to me what you all did at The Grove these last few days?  I opened up a part of myself that would have been easier to keep hidden.  But I chose to push shame aside and share with you.  And I’m so glad I did.  Because you all met me with such tenderness, with understanding and reminders that I am not alone.

So thank you.  From the deepest part of me, thank you.  

And thank you to those who joined me in sharing your stories of shame.

This week we’re talking about healing.  I think we’re all in need of that balm, aren’t we?  Some of us bear heart wounds that are fresh and throbbing.  Others of us hold wounds that are old and scarred over, but still run deep.  Some of us long for relief from physical pain.  And others of us just feel scraped up from the wear and tear of life.

Whatever your story, Jehovah-Rapha wants to be with you this week.

I believe there is a dynamic to the healing journey that involves letting others in.  Healing comes only from God, but so often he chooses to accomplish it through the words and hands and prayers of his people.

Can we be that people for you this week?

Come share what touches you in each of this week’s amazing posts.  And then will you meet us at The Grove at the end of this week (beginning Thursday 6pmEST)?  Will you bring your stories of healing, so we can rejoice with you?  Will you bring your longings for healing so we can be with you and pray for you?

And now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine…


Photo Credit : Unsplash

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