Velvet Ashes Strikes a Chord

It’s beginning, friends.  Since the Dream Unfurled, word about Velvet Ashes is spreading.

And here’s what people are saying…

Absolute answer to prayer…”

“Something I have very much been looking for and need… in so many ways.”

“This is amazing!”

“I wish I had something like this when I was overseas.”

“As I read about Velvet Ashes, I cried…a lot.”

“This touched a chord deep in my soul.”

Those that have been there and lived through the shadowy days of overseas loneliness are rising up to say, “Yes!  We want to be that hand that reaches out to pull others through that darkness!”

And those that are smack dab in the midst of the heart ache are crying, “Yes, please!”

We’re ready.  Ready to link arms.  Ready to be heard.  Ready to listen.

A sisterhood is being birthed.

And family is gathering round to say, “Yes!  We are FOR you!”

So come on over, sister.

And you, join the family.

Let’s do this thing!

Does the idea of Velvet Ashes resonate with you?  How so?  Come on, now, don’t be shy.  Let’s hear from you!  


Photo Credit: Newbrigand via Compfight cc

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