What’s With All the MONEY?

Velvet Ashes – we’ve unfurled the dream, we’ve struck a chord.

The ladies are gathering, the sisterhood forming.  Hearts are primed, ready and hoping.

But one question remains, circling about.

So…uh, what’s all the money for?

I’ve heard this question enough now to realize I haven’t been clear enough about the money business.  I’ve given you the short answer: $6,600 will cover the cost of the creation and maintenance of the sight.

But I know this can be confusing.  In a world where anyone can put together a blog, why pay someone four figures to do it?  Why not put Velvet Ashes on blogger for, you know, free?

If we did this, it would be a bit like building the Great Wall out of blocks in your backyard.

Or the pyramids in your sandbox.

It would be such a dim shadow of what it’s meant to be.

Here’s where you need to know that Velvet Ashes will be SO much more than a blog.

Envision a book club dynamic, where ladies dialogue over soul-food.  Imagine a gathering space where women are able to post their own words and art.

Think of Velvet Ashes as not merely a website, not just a blog, but as a community hub. And picture all of this done with ease, in a space that feels like home.

This is why we need our partner, Contemplate Design. They bring to the table creative genius, savvy expertise, and a wealth of experience in vibrant online communities.  You simply have to check out their site to see their work for yourself.

Contemplate Design Logo

But let me tell you about the very first email I received from them.  You see, I had written to them, spelling out the dream of Velvet Ashes, asking if this was a dream they could help make real.  This was their response:

“What you’ve written here taps into so many things we hold dear.  We’ve spent many hours with overseas people who are struggling to hold it all together. What you are describing is so near to our hearts. I cannot tell you how moved I am.  We absolutely see the deep need for this.”

Did you get the same goose bumps I did?

Clearly, they get it. They get us.

After phone conferences and countless emails, I am only more convinced that Contemplate Design is a trusted partnership meant to be.

They are here, ready to offer their time and skills to make Velvet Ashes more than we could ever make it on our own.  They are offering us a generous 25% discount, enabling us to create the site for $4,275.  Then for a contract of $150/per month for one year, they will maintain the site, dealing with all of the technical glitches and adjustments that a website requires.  Add up the 3.9% to use Fundly as our fundraising platform and 3% for credit card transactions, and that brings our total to $6,600.

So that, my dear friends, is what the money is for.

Thanks for asking.

Thanks for wanting to know.

Your giving will forge this partnership, and then, then Velvet Ashes can become…reality!


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