Will You Share Your Story of How Velvet Ashes Meets a Need for You?

Better Together Ambassadors + Giveaway

We have a favor to ask you. We’ve asked this favor before, but this time it’s different. This time we’re equipping you to make it super simple, and we’re offering some pretty sweet rewards.   

If you’ve been around Velvet Ashes for long, you know that at this time of year we encourage you to ask your people to help support this ministry. We do this because we know that the women of this community don’t have deep enough pockets to provide everything this ministry needs. And we know you have people who believe in you. We know that when you tell your story of how Velvet Ashes meets a need for you, they will want to help make this ministry possible for you and for women like you.

But also, we totally understand how awkward this is. Most of us are already working hard to raise support for our work and ministry. It’s not that we don’t know how to ask people for money. It’s that we do it all the time. And to ask those same people for more money? As much as you love Velvet Ashes…. that’s a hard pass on asking your people to give money.

We get it.

But what if it didn’t have to be awkward? What if you could make a really simple, really easy ask that no one would be offended by? In fact, what if you could do this really easy thing that everyone would say YES to?

And what if that really simple, really easy thing made a HUGE difference to the future of Velvet Ashes?

We’re asking you to ask your people to each give $5 to Velvet Ashes. That’s it. Just five dollars? Yes! Because $5 x 7,000 women’s networks = our audacious goal achieved.  

Here’s how:

  1. Text or email AND post the image and message below to your network and social channels. Share your own story or use the text below. (To save the photo: Right click or press and hold the image on mobile. To save the text: Highlight, right click and copy or press, highlight and copy on mobile.)
  2. For social posts (Instagram and Facebook), tag Velvet Ashes and include #VelvetAshesBetterTogether.

I’m one of 137,500 English speaking women serving in a cross-cultural ministry. Though rewarding, the work isn’t easy. Thankfully, I’ve found an online community of 7,000 women like me. This is where I can turn to for support without judgement, for hope and encouragement. That community is Velvet Ashes. Our goal is to reach 2,000 more women in 2019. Just $5 supports one more women like me to experience this community for 6 months. Would you donate in my honor today?



We know that personal asks via text and email will be the most successful. Completing both a personal and social media ask will qualify you for an entry into our biggest-ever giveaway. (And we trust you to do both!)

Our Rewards

We’re thankful for your efforts! Each message posted on your social media by December 21 will count as one entry into a drawing for the following four prizes (so be sure to post to multiple channels):

#1 – The Ultimate Soul Care Package ($220 value)

Our top prize includes 3 spiritual directions sessions with Jayna Gallagher (1 hour each), a past Velvet Ashes Retreat, AND a registration pass to the 2019 Velvet Ashes Retreat. 

#2 – The Life-Giving Soul Care Package ($135 value)

This includes 2 spiritual direction sessions with Jayna Gallagher (1 hour each) and registration pass to the 2019 Velvet Ashes Retreat.

#3 – The Retreat Package ($60 value)

Win registration passes for a group of 4 to the 2019 Velvet Ashes Retreat.

#4 – The Book Club Package ($29 value)

You’ll receive kindle versions of the next three books for Velvet Ashes’ book club! 

The giveaway runs through December 21 and winners will be announced via Velvet Ashes’ Facebook and Instagram on December 22.


This community exists for and because of you. Your stories, your struggles, your triumphs and, most importantly, your dedication to something bigger than yourself.

We hope you’ll join our Better Together initiative by sharing your story with your wider network. By shining a light on your own story and asking for support, you can help us achieve our audacious goal of supporting 2,000 more women like you in 2019.

Who’s excited about these rewards?! Ask any questions in the comments.

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