You Are Invited. Early Bird Registration Ends Soon!

You Are Invited. Early Bird Registration Ends Soon!

Here are snippets from conversations I’ve had with different women over the last few weeks:

“I’m sad. This is a season of loss, and I’m just so sad.”

“I’m in Hawaii enjoying and feeling a bit guilty for this all-expense paid trip!” 

“I’m praying about whether to leave my team and ministry overseas and return to America, because I just don’t know if I can keep doing this.”

“God is opening one door after another for this ministry project faster than we ever dreamed, so we’re flying through them!”

I marvel. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, each one of us is in our own unique personal season. We are each in our own stage of life, in our own leg of our journey. Some of us are in a season of loss and mourning. Life feels barren and dormant. Others of us are being renewed, full of dreams and plans for the future. Others are experiencing an incredible fruitful abundance. 

It makes me think of the seasons of Jesus’ life. He had his untold years as a carpenter, his wilderness time in the desert, his time of fame and popularity, his times of feasting with friends, his moments of pure exhaustion, his times of weeping over death, his night of betrayal. 

In all the shifting seasons and change Jesus experienced, there’s a constant. There’s a pattern that doesn’t change. “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray.” We can see in Scripture that these were extended times, measured in hours and days. If you are like me, most days your prayer times are measured in minutes, not hours. But I have discovered there is a level of communication with God that happens only in extended time alone with him.        

Here’s what God has been showing me. He has personal invitations for each one of us in the unique seasons of our lives. He has something to say to you when you are overwhelmed by loss and grief. He has something to say to you when you are angry and hurt. He has something to say to you when you are full of dreams and plans for the future. He has something to say to you when life is busy and bursting at the seams. He has a personal invitation to extend to you in every season of your soul.  

We have a God who gave up his only Son so that he could come dwell within you in an intimate, two-way communicative relationship. You can hear the voice of God in your life when you listen. There is a level of listening and communication that happens when you spend extended time with him, away from the distractions of your everyday life.  

There are specific invitations God gives to us for each unique season of our lives. A way to know what those invitations are is to respond to his invitation that is for all seasons: 

“Come away with me.”

That is why the Velvet Ashes community is committed to the practice of retreat. That is why we offer our annual Online Retreat every April. That is why we added our new Unplugged Retreat every October.

Every single time women respond to God’s invitation to retreat with him, we are amazed by what happens. We shouldn’t be surprised, but we continually are! Because God meets women in such personal, intimate, and transforming ways. 

We want you to know…

You are invited. 

You are invited by your Creator Father, your Lover Jesus, and your Counselor Spirit.

You are invited to come away with him.

You are invited to process with him the state of your soul.

You are invited to unpack where you’ve been.

You are invited to listen and receive his personal invitation for you.

What does he want to say to you in this unique season of your life?

You are invited to join us for our worldwide Online Retreat. We hope you’ll say yes. We’ve been prayerfully following the leading of the Holy Spirit to design and create an experience for you and God to have together. We know God is going to move in ways that surprise and amaze us. Because he always does.  

Check out all the details here

Our early bird price ends Friday, February 26 at 11:59 PM Eastern.  

Please know that if going on a retreat feels impossible for you, this retreat is especially for you! 

For those who have been on retreat before, how would you describe how God has met you during that time? 

How many of you are feeling the deep need to be with him and hear from him on retreat this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Share with us and we will be praying for you.  

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