An Opportunity to Teach Overseas

As a member of the Velvet Ashes community, we’re going to guess that being abroad is a significant part of your life (or one day will be). Maybe you’re trying to figure out the best way to go abroad and make an impact in the lives of others. Maybe you feel called to experience different cultures and serve those around you. Maybe you’ve been serving abroad for years and are feeling like it’s time for your next opportunity.

When some of your deepest desires are to live abroad and serve others, it can seem like the opportunities are endless. But once you factor in the realities of day to day life – debt, student loans, and maybe even a growing family- those endless opportunities can suddenly seem out of reach. We get it. That’s why in this big old sea of possibilities, we’d like to throw an idea your way: teaching English in Asia. We know it makes an impact, because we’ve done it.

Why Teach English in Asia?

At Adventure Teaching, we exist to change lives by sending awesome people to awesome places. We’re a company started by two college roommates whose priorities may mirror yours: they wanted to travel, but also be a part of something bigger. They heard about the opportunity to teach English in Korea, signed up when they graduated University, and found exactly what they had been looking for: a chance to live abroad, experience the richness of a new (to them) culture, and serve others.

The experience was so life-giving that they started Adventure Teaching to help other adventurous people like them experience the world while making a positive impact. A decade later, we’ve placed thousands of teachers in life-changing positions in South Korea, China and Vietnam.

Don’t get us wrong – traveling and teaching abroad presents plenty of opportunity for personal growth. It can be intimidating to go to a completely different country and figure out how life functions there, but you probably already know that.

But that’s exactly why we think teaching abroad is such an amazing way to travel, experience life abroad, and serve. The opportunity for personal growth in the gentle space of a teaching community is unlike anything else. We know because we hear this time and time again from our teachers.

Why Teaching Abroad Could be Your Perfect Fit

The community

One of the most difficult things about moving abroad is leaving your community and support system behind. Adapting to a new culture can be disorienting and difficult as you learn a new set of social norms and navigate language and other cultural barriers.

In countries like Korea and Vietnam, though, the expat communities are huge! There are so many people from all over the world who have come to Asia to teach English, and they’ve all experienced exactly what you’re experiencing. Oftentimes, we’ll send multiple teachers to the same school, which creates an instant family of like-minded people overcoming culture shock together. Even if you are at a school with no other AT teachers, we love connecting teachers to each other while they’re abroad. The AT tribe abroad is huge, and a great place to meet a like-minded community!

The opportunity for rich, deep community is massive as you navigate new experiences with people in similar situations to you. It’s a pretty beautiful thing.

The chance to serve others

As an English teacher, you get to spend every day with kids who are trying to learn a new language. If you’ve tried to learn a language yourself, you’ll know that it can be a frustrating and nerve-wracking thing: how many of us tried our hardest to avoid the teacher’s eye contact in elementary school Spanish class?

Teaching English is a beautiful way to encourage, coach, and develop some remarkable little lives. You’re directly impacting the next generation, which is pretty amazing. ?

Plus, you can do this while you’re making (good) money, which isn’t the most common thing for a service-oriented job abroad. If you’re fatigued by raising your own funds or have always thought your debts were too big a barrier to serve abroad, teaching English abroad could be for you. English teachers in Korea typically make around $2,200 USD per month, with free housing and airfare!

The personal growth

If you’ve lived abroad before, you’ll know that there are few better ways to learn about yourself than navigating a new culture – for better or for worse.? You learn about how you deal with stress, where you find joy, how you make friends, how to reach out when you’re feeling your most vulnerable, and so much more.

Getting to learn all these things in a place where you’re near other expats and can find a community to support you is pretty phenomenal. Not to mention the support of the AT team, who have all lived abroad themselves and love to support teachers throughout their time abroad!

If You Want to Find Out More

Obviously, we’re a little biased, but we truly think that teaching English in Asia is something that any travel-oriented person should think about. We exist as a company because we want to help people make an impact while they live abroad. We truly believe that living abroad changes lives and we’d love to help you learn more.

Check us out here to find out more about AT, teaching English in Asia, and the opportunity for a rich, challenging and rewarding experience abroad!

*This post is a sponsored collaboration between Velvet Ashes and Adventure Teaching, which helps make this site possible!

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

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