This Week’s Prompt: Beauty

Can we get a round of applause for the men that bravely stepped forward last week to speak on what they wish women knew?  So grateful for the messages they shared with us.  What do you think, ladies?  Should we do “Men’s Week” again in the future?

Many of the guys’ posts last week touched on the subject of beauty.  Now that it’s back to just us girls this week, we’re going to go even deeper with that tender topic.  Here are some questions to ponder…

Have you struggled with seeing and resting content in the beauty that God created in you?

How has your idea of beauty been challenged or redefined by living in another culture?

Is your soul thirsty for beauty in your comparatively drab surroundings?

How can you create, experience, and appreciate the beauty around you?

Join us this week for vulnerable posts by our authors, and then meet us at The Grove for a time of refreshment with the lovely Patty Stallings.  Bring your blog posts to link up and some images of beauty to share in the comments?

At Book Club on Tuesday we’ll be diving back into An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor, talking about paying attention.  How much beauty do we miss because we’re not paying attention?

Let’s see beauty together this week, friends.


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Photo Credit : Unsplash

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