Word Prompt: TCKs

Last week’s theme of “Return” appears to have struck a timely chord with many.

We talked about how to know if you’re a pre or post-griever.  We had a amazing conversation about transition.  We heard the powerful themes that occur in the re-entry process.  And then I slung my arms around those returning and spoke some truth to them.  Turns out shame tries hard to walk with you when you return from life overseas.

Consider sharing these posts as a resource for your friends and organizations?

Now this week we’re are starting a new series, and I am SO very excited.  One of the things we absolutely love about Velvet Ashes is our diversity.  We are made up of all generations, young and mature.  We come from all statuses of life, married, single, kids, no kids.

We love that we all come together, learning from each other, speaking hope and courage to one another.  One of our most popular times at The Grove was when we discussed “Status” and how there are no walls to divide us. We rally together with all of our differences, and it makes us beautiful, rich and full.

Over the next three weeks we are going to celebrate some of the unique aspects of our lives.  We’re going to provide a place for you to be open about the challenges and joys of parenting, marriage and singleness overseas.

This week we’re talking about Third Culture Kids.  Some of you are adult TCKs.  Please show up and speak to us this week!  Because many of us have the daunting task of raising TCKs.  Teachers of TCKs we want to hear from you too!

Monday we have Jessica Hoover kicking off our week with an amazing give-away!  And she opens up about the fear of raising our kids rootless.

Tueday we have our last book club discussion about “The Gift of Imperfection” (sniff!). But you’ll be thrilled about what’s coming next.

Wednesday we’ll get to hear from our dear Patty Stallings about raising TCKs.  If you know this woman and her children, you know how much you just want to sit and ask her all your questions and drink from all her wisdom.

Thursday Patty’s grown and married daughter, Sarah is sharing with us about what it’s like to be a TCK.  I love that we get to have both perspectives from this amazing mother-daughter duo!

Friday show up at The Grove where I’ll be sharing straight from my mama heart.  Come and share straight from yours.


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