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"'Sleep is good,' he said, 'and books are better.'" George Martin

The written word grew in importance to me overseas. It started as a way to fill my time and I read books left by those who had gone before. Later it as a way to take a breather and visit something familiar. Overtime a book lover emerged and now I can’t imagine my life without books.

The problem was I had no one to talk to about the books I was reading and missed being part of a book club. Enter Velvet Ashes Book Club!

Tuesdays is Book Club Day. All are welcome and joining is easy: get the book and read it. I’ll write a post with on some aspect of the book and you join in the conversation by commenting. You don’t even have to get the book to participate, feel free to jump in to the discussion whether you’ve read or not. We’d love to hear from you!

We read fiction, non-fiction, Christian authors and those who might not use that label. I am excited to spend time with you, fellow bookies.


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