The Grove Prompt: Friendship

A Chinese friend self-named for a World Cup player gaped at us. “How many friends do you have?”

“Well,” we hemmed back, “they’re not all friends.”

“But you call them up and have a meal together or stay in their homes when you travel?”


“We Chinese call people like that friends.”

We Overseas Workers are a blessed group when it comes to networks of people we can tap for a companionable meal or a place to sleep.

In turn, we might gape at our local friends. “You’ve been friends for how long, a lifetime?”

We Overseas Workers are a bereaved people when we count the swivels on the revolving door of friendships.

This week we’re looking around and counting our friends, not to grade, catalogue or compete, but to notice how rich we are, and to give thanks to the One in whom all friendships start, grow, hold together, and heal.

We’re also noticing what it costs to make friends and let them go, or to watch relationships change.

And Connection Groups launch this week! We’ll hear a beautiful story about how friendships formed here can be a catalyst for personal change. Perhaps you’ll feel the nudge to participate this time, or maybe you can’t wait to sign up. Either way, from where I’m sitting, what I can tell you is that the mentors ready to facilitate these groups are Top. Notch. Their groups will be blessed to count them friends.

As always, we want to hear from you. How have you been changed by friendship on the field? What do you need from friends during this season? How does the revolving door of relationships impact what you invest in friendship? Bring your link-ups to The Grove beginning Thursday at 6:00pm EST.

What do you think?

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