The Grove Word Prompt: Baggage

Hard-shell. Roller. Duffel bag. Backpack. Tote.

If there’s one thing we know as global adventurers, it is how to pack a bag. Our skills have been refined as we use up every inch of space while still keeping as close to the weight limit as possible. We know how to play suitcase Tetris so that nothing precious is left behind and everything survives the long journey.

We don’t just bring our suitcases with us to the field, but we also carry other kinds of baggage too. Failures and losses, childhood trauma, the scars of broken relationships or faith crises that have marked places in our past. We bring our cultural identity, our religious traditions, our worldview.

What do you do with this kind of baggage?

This week join us for some fun! Make your list and share your very best packing tips, your favorite luggage brands that stand the test of time, and what absolutely must be in your suitcase every trip. Use the hashtag #VelvetAshesBaggage on Instagram to join in! But also don’t hesitate to take the conversation deeper, to think about the baggage that might be weighing heavy. You can share your thoughts and join the conversations this week in the comments as well!

What do you think?

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