The Grove Word Prompt: Learn

How to find the best price. How to conjugate verbs. How to ride a motor bike.

No, this isn’t high school (thank goodness!). But oh, the things we must learn when we serve cross-culturally!

The lessons can pile up, one after another, as we try to navigate a new place and a new language and new just-about-everything. The learning doesn’t end when we finish our first term, when we finish our fifth term, or when we land again in our passport country.

We have a God who just continues to amaze, and I think we can all agree we are glad there’s so much more to keep learning about Him, about this life and walk with Him and what it means to journey in obedience wherever we are.

What has the Father been teaching you lately?

What cross-cultural lessons have brought you joy in this season? Or just plain old frustration?

We are all learning and we can’t wait to chat about it this week! Make sure you share your learning thoughts on Instagram with the hashtag #velvetasheslearn!

There might regional lessons you are in the middle of and you need to get a “yes and amen” from sisters who get it! You can use our regional hashtags as well and connect with others serving in your area! Use #velvetashesasia, #velvetashesafrica, #velvetasheseurope, #velvetashessa, #velvetashesca, #velvetashesme, #velvetasheslatinamerica, and #velvetashesna.

What do you think?

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