The Grove Word Prompt: Opposites

Maybe you knew the minute you exited the airport. This new home of yours was different from the one you just left.

Did you have a picture in your mind of what cross-cultural life was going to be like? How’s that going for you?

Opposites can overlay every aspect of our lives. You left palm trees for evergreens, four seasons for hot ALL THE TIME, independence for sharing everything, small town life for bustling city. Perhaps the team you thought would be your solid rock left before you even got there. The ministry you came to serve asked you to take on a different role.

All these changes, the ones we were expecting and the ones that sneak up on us, can be joyful or exhausting or confusing. Our longing for the familiar can become a constant companion.

What do you do with all the things that are the opposite where you live?

Our posts this week will center around these opposites and we hope you will resonate with the stories that are coming! Share your pictures this week on Instagram and use the hashtag #VelvetAshesOpposites! We love seeing glimpses of your lives around the world.

What do you think?

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