This week’s prompt: Thrive

A “thriving” life may not make the plot of a trendy resurging nineteenth century novel or Downton Abbey, unless it’s as the supporting character that the main ones love to hate. (Come over on Tuesday for the kickoff of our next book club novel!)

It’s a bit of a trendy word itself, this “thrive.” It’s been the honored term to rename a well-known org. A movie, a song, a self-help movement. I’ve even seen the word dangle on a billboard wrapped around some flourishing green vine.

What does it mean to thrive?

In tomorrow’s post Melissa Toews conducts an interview with Jane Anne Gibbs, long-time cross-cultural worker in West Africa, about raising TCKs to thrive in both home and host cultures.

Or I could just quote you Wednesday’s post from Lauren Pinkston. Don’t miss it. “Sister, you were called to shine.”

From Katie Morris on Thursday we’ll hear that it’s a spirit of gratitude that allows us to flourish day by day.

Finally, I (Kim) am stoked to host my first Grove on Friday. Join us this week as we explore “thrive.” Meet us at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST, and bring your thoughts, your art, your blog link-ups.

Photo Source : Unsplash

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