This Week’s Prompt: What Men Wish We Knew

This week for the first time ever, Velvet Ashes is inviting MEN to come speak into our lives.  That’s right.  Every day we’ll have a different man here writing for us on the theme “What Men Wish We Knew.”

Honestly, when we invited these men here, we had no idea what to expect.  We simply offered them the opportunity. Then they went and presented us with pieces that had us editors in tears.

You don’t want to miss this week, ladies.  We have men with messages made just for us.  We have a man with a message for wives and a (brave) single guy with a message for single ladies.

We’re even putting book club on hold for a week so we can have five guys here this week.  (We’ll be back for chapter 2 of An Altar in the World next Tuesday!)

Then on Friday, I’m handing The Grove over to my very own husband. He’s going to share the one thought that has stuck in his mind when I presented this idea to him, and then it will be time for us ladies to take a turn on this topic. So come with your thoughts and link ups on “What We Wish Men Knew.”  The Grove begins Thurs 6pm EST.


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