Word Prompt: Poetry

That’s right, this week we’re celebrating poetry!  So for the poets among us, come share a favorite piece of yours with us at The Grove this week.  And for the rest of us who break into a sweat at the thought of writing poetry, we’ll have some helpful hints to get you going.  I’m actually quite looking forward to stretching myself with this one!

And if you’ve got thoughts still swirling on “Purpose,” come add to the amazing conversation that unfolded here.


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  1. Janis McArthur February 27, 2014

    I spent three years in Asia, two years in China and then a year in Laos.  The last thing I thought about was spending this year in the U.S.  My life was suddenly put on hold as I started to have anxiety and panic attacks.  I entered a program here in the U.S. for restoration and growth and stayed there for three months.  During that time, God had shown me areas of deep hurt that all started from my childhood.  As I began to heal, I started to write songs, which are poetry set to music.  He has given me this gift and I would like to share this one with you.

    I Have a Voice

    I am free to be what God has made me to be

    He holds my entire life-

    Body, soul in His hands

    Don’t have to listen to the bully of  my past

    Don’t have to do what he asks

    No longer paralyzed by fear

    Those anxious thoughts that appear in my mind

    I let them go, I let them go

    I have a choice to listen to the truth

    Not the lies that Satan says to me

    He is a liar and a thief

    Seeking to destroy and to kill me

    Jesus came to give me life

    To give me joy abudantly

    He gives me value and of worth

    And He tells me that He loves me unconditionally

    I choose life, I choose life

    God gives me peace to trust in Him

    To set my thoughts fixed on Him

    He shows me how to live

    To obey His Word and to give

    Don’t have to listen to the bullies of my past

    Don’t have to do what they ask

    No longer paralyzed by fear

    Those anxious thoughts that appear in my mind

    I am free, I am free

    I have a voice, I have a choice, I have peace, I am free

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