10 iPhone Apps You Needed Yesterday

I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS WEEK’S THEME! My life is all kinds of too serious.

I love things that are helpful. And hilarious. And just generally awesome.

So I’m here with ten iPhone apps I can guarantee will revolutionize your life. You may already have half of them, but please humor me as I celebrate the glory of these little icons.

Google maps1. T R A V E L :: Google Maps

I’m starting simple here, but who knew this app could be so much better than the Maps app that is built into your iPhone or tablet? I don’t even touch that old guy anymore. Google Maps is much more up-to-date, with integrated options that Maps doesn’t have.

I know there are a million apps to aid us in our travel, but I just wanted to make a Public Service Announcement that if you haven’t downloaded Google Maps before all other things, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

mSecure 2. O R G A N I Z A T I O N :: mSecure

I use this app at least once every day, if not more. It’s the only app I’ve ever paid good money for, but it’s been so worth it. mSecure is a password-protected password protector.

Inside this app, I store everything from Passport info to Social Security numbers to website logins. Bank account info and frequent flyer accounts…everything is in this ONE place. When I sign up for a new account on any website, the login goes into mSecure and I have it handy anywhere I go!

amazon music3. M U S I C :: Amazon Music

Move over, Spotify. There’s a new music app on the block, as Amazon is literally taking over the world.

If you haven’t bought an Amazon Prime account, it’s worth every penny. I store my entire life on Amazon cloud, and now, with a Prime account, I can listen to whatever music station I want…WITHOUT A VPN…through this app!

scannable4. P R O D U C T I V I T Y :: Scannable

Anybody else feel like you are constantly having to scan things and email them to people back home? I get very tired of having to plug up a scanner, copy to my hard drive, and email important documents to people.

Enter: Scannable. Now I can do all of this with a few taps from my iPhone! Scan, convert to PDF, email out…it’s so easy to use and I’m obsessed.

gif keyboard5. T E X T I N G :: GIF Keyboard

Emojis have changed the texting world, but the GIF keyboard is by far my favorite way to express myself through texting convos.

Now, I can send my friends cute GIFs of cats.

I can accurately express my excitement.

I can talk honestly about potty problems (my toddler’s or, um, you know…my own).

And I can respond appropriately to things that don’t make sense.

paypal6. F I N A N C E S :: PayPal

Sure, most of us use PayPal through the website, but GUYS. This app is amazing! I can send money to my mom so fast if I need her to run an errand for me. I can pay my sister for my part of a birthday gift we’re giving to our brother. Or I can accept money from others through my small business.

It’s a bit of a pain to set up due to security reasons (and thankfully so), but once it’s up and running, WOOHOO!! I’m in love.

starfall7. T O D D L E R S :: Starfall

I’m in no way opposed to screen time. Shoot me. I don’t know how moms parented before screens. Screens are my friends. I owe every decent shower I take to a screen.

So here’s an app for your littles that is educational – and fun! My two-year-old loves Starfall (it’s an educational website, too) and if you’re connected to the internet, the amount of content crammed into this app is seriously impressive.

faded8. P H O T O E D I T I N G :: Faded

Do you take mediocre pictures that an Instagram filter just can’t fix? Try Faded, with loads of editing options that really can change the entire look of your photos. It’s great…think that’s all I need to say.

she reads truth9. B I B L E R E A D I N G :: She Reads Truth

I used to expect quiet time complete with a journal, a cup of coffee, and thirty minutes of silence. Now, these moments are a rare gift. But this doesn’t mean I can give up on my heart and mind being filled with scripture.

She Reads Truth has an app with a built-in ESV Bible. It’s super easy to navigate, and there are loads of reading plans to work through. I’m on my phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night anyway…might as well use it to meditate on God’s word instead of flipping through another social media feed.

Snapchat10. S O C I A L M E D I A :: Snapchat

Go ahead and make fun of me. I know I’m not 15 years old. But seriously, ladies, I need to dispel the myth that Snapchat is only used by preteen girls sending shocking pictures of    themselves to their boyfriends.

Any social media tool is and can be used for bad things. We can still use them for good! Why I love Snapchat: I can send videos and pictures to my family members, and they don’t take up precious space on my phone.

It took me a few days to catch on, so grab a millennial and ask her to teach you. Then be released to have so much fun snapping your life away!


What apps do you love? This is my favorite sharing game—tell us what you love and what technology you can’t live without.


  1. Sharee Hebert February 21, 2016

    Just a note about the GIF Keyboard app. It requires full access to your phone, which means the app can access anything you’ve ever tapped on your phone if you allow full access.  You can’t use the app otherwise. Some people are in sensitive locations, but most of us have typed credit card information into our phones, especially if you set up the Paypal app!

  2. Elizabeth February 21, 2016

    I don’t have a smart phone, so this doesn’t exactly apply to me, but! I know I’m too serious too. In fact I think serious is fun. Serious conversations, serious Bible study, serious self-reflection, serious serious serious. Too often I forget to loosen up and laugh. But I love people who make me laugh. Thankfully my husband does so everyday, or I’d be in real trouble!

    This has inspired me to watch more funny youtube videos. Thank you 🙂

    1. Lauren Pinkston February 24, 2016

      Girl–it’s sad I have to force myself to take some time off to just laugh. Last night we watched about four episodes of Parks and Rec, and I was giggling the whole time. Shockingly all the happy endorphins kicked in and I got this overwhelming sense of joy.

      Ahhh….not at all saying that this is or should be a replacement to good quality time with the Father or deep Bible study. But I think it’s good to giggle at a TV screen every once in a while 🙂

  3. Emily Smith February 22, 2016

    Love this list. I have quite a few of them and might have to check out the others.

    Not a specific app here…but my US public library has an app to check out and download e-books and audio books. All I need is my library card number and access to the Internet. (I have checked out books on 4 continents…and countless countries)

    All I did was go to the library website and they had the link and directions for downloading the app. I’m guessing most public library systems throughout the US would have something similar.

  4. Ashley Felder February 22, 2016

    Love these! Downloading now. 🙂

    A few I like…(and I use Andriod, so the names might be different for you Apple users):

    All in One Unit Converter–for us from the States that are used to a system that the rest of the world doesn’t use.

    Head’s Up–an interactive guessing game that keeps my kiddos entertained on the long car ride to the city.

    Baby Monitor–Just learned of this one recently and it has changed our world. It’s a sound-sensitive monitor, that when reached to a certain level (that you choose), it will call or text a phone number of your choice. This now allows my hubby and I to go to our teammates’ place(upstairs) while baby sleeps! It doesn’t require wifi, but does need a SIM card in the phone being used. We just put one in an old phone so we don’t have to leave one of our own.

    You and Me Forever–a book/app. Fabulous book. And it’s FREE as an app! Can’t get any better.

    1. Lauren Pinkston February 24, 2016


      I totally forgot to add HeadsUp! In here — it’s the BEST!

      Also, that baby monitor app is going to save my life. And the You and Me Forever sounds like it’s going to make me cry. Going to download it now.

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