A Conference that Comes to You!

At Velvet Ashes, we want to connect with movements and events that resonate with our heart, with our vision for authentic, life-giving community.

So when a group of women open their lives and their vulnerable stories to put on a FREE webcast conference that will come to you, to all of us spread across the globe, we say, “Yes, please!”

Velvet Ashes, may I present to you (in)Real Life 2014!


What does this actually look like?

Friday April 25 (EST):  Webcast videos are streamed to you.

Saturday April 26 (EST): Attend or host a local meet-up where women connect in person.

Learn more –> Click here.

What does this mean for you?

For some of you it will mean a few hours cozied up with you and your computer, soaking up some goodness for you soul.  For some of you it will mean jumping on a train, a bus, a boat, a bike, something that will take you to your closest meet-up, because your soul needs some in-the-flesh kind of encouragement.

For some of you it will mean getting brave and bold enough to host a meet-up yourself.   You’ll wise up enough to throw your Martha-Stewart dreams out the window (or at least settle yourself content with the overseas version of her), and you’ll be ok with your home “as is.”  You’ll swing wide your door with the best welcome, a grin and a hug, because community is worth it.

Some of you are tucked into little corners of the globe, so, so far from others doing this.  But you have a few ladies (even just one!) you could gather and say, “Let’s do this together.”  Because your stories, they matter.

Register now –> Click here

I’m hosting a Beijing Meet-up!  Wanna come?  If you plan to attend or host (in)RL in your area, give a shout out here!  Who’s in?!

(P.S. Don’t miss The Grove today.  We’re sharing on “Voice.”)


  1. Jennifer January 16, 2014

    Sounds good… If I didn’t know I would have classes at 8am on the Monday morning (since getting my schedule for next semester this morning), I would even have travelled to Beijing for the face to face meeting on the Sunday afternoon.  I guess my hope now is that someone else in the Northeast will decide to host a meeting a little closer to me than Beijing.

    1. Danielle Wheeler January 17, 2014

      Stayed tuned, Jennifer!  I’m thinking there’s going to be one in the Northeast!

  2. Julie b January 17, 2014

    YES! I want to come!  I love reading all the posts on Velvet Ashes! I will probably invite some other gals to come with me from the TTY area of BJ!


    1. Danielle Wheeler January 17, 2014

      Great!!  Can’t wait to meet you!!  It will be so fun to connect in person!

    2. Danielle Wheeler April 4, 2014

      Hi Julie!  We have a meeting place and time for the inRL conference Beijing meet up now!  So excited. It’s a gorgeous room at the Taurus Hotel.  RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/incouragemeetups/Haidian-District-Beijing/1089072/

      Help us spread the word?


  3. Carolyn January 17, 2014

    Wish I could be at yours!  I’m thinking of bravely trying to host one here in my little corner of the globe… I never would  have thought of trying except for your little comment – “(even just one!)” other woman… and I remembered there are actually cluster of other expat women nearby.  It would be wonderful!  The biggest obstacle will be our very unreliable Internet…

    1. Danielle Wheeler January 20, 2014

      We’re trying to see if it is possible to get DVD’s sent to those of us with unreliable internet.  I’m in the same boat!  So keep me posted and let me know if you’d like to be on the DVD list.  And YAY for brave hosting!!

  4. Liz K January 17, 2014

    ooooo, I think I like this idea.  A lot.  I am wondering if hosting a meet up can happen.  I would love to, but need to check on ministy schedule and figure out to do with the 3 little people that live with me 🙂  Excited about this!  Oh, and one question…it’s “just” in English, right?

    1. Danielle Wheeler January 20, 2014

      As far as I know it’s only in English.  But I can check on that.  Are you looking for Spanish?

      1. Liz K January 20, 2014

        yeah, Spanish.  We attend a bilingual church but most of the ladies are primarly Spanish speakers.

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