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Living abroad since June 2018. Teaching middle school reading and writing at a private, international…

I am on my first long-term leave here in Cambodia. We teach English and rescue those stuck in sex trafficking. Its been a crazy journey, but I'm looking forward to where Jesus takes…

Born and raised in TN and serving in East Africa. Wife and mama to 3. Passionate about the gospel and discipleship, foster care/adoption, and…

I live and serve with my sweet husband in Tanzania, Africa. We currently live in his home village and we just welcomed our delightful daughter Eden into the…

I grew up overseas in three countries, and do not know where I am from. After teaching in Canada for two years, I taught in Egypt for two years, and then in Spain (Madrid) for two years. I am currently back in Canada before changing roles with my mission to work with African immigrants in…

Serving as an educator for TCKs. Loves: tea, sunshine,…

Hello! I’m Dana. I’m originally from Minnesota, USA and hate the cold! I moved to India permanently, after traveling in 14 countries—mostly South & Southeast Asia and East Africa. My husband Namit and I were married in India in 2017. I am a certified domestic and sexual violence counsleor. I love to travel and learn about cultures, create art, dance, swim, and work with youth. I’m working on learning Hindi & want to adopt…

Hello! I am Brittany. My husband and I are serving in the Casamance region of Senegal, West…

Looking to connect with other women working overseas, and seeing where our life stories can uplift one another. I am 30 years old, married, and I have a daughter. My parents are from peru and P.R. I am a third culture kid, originally from nj, but I have lived in P.R. and in fl. I am currently in language school learning…

Our family is preparing to move to Turkey within the next…

I am a city gal currently serving overseas as a teacher in rural Atlantic…

We have lived in Africa since 2005. We have churches, schools, a children's home and a radio program all centered around telling the Story in local…

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