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I am overseas with World Team. I am in my mid twenties, single, and passionate about youth ministry. I am currently in full-time language study and will be through the end of…

Hello! My name is Rachel and I have been serving with my husband in Soroti, Uganda for the past 6 years. We have one awesome son who is a bundle of energy and Legos. My husband is a veterinarian so we serve through Christian Veterinary Organization but we partner in-country with our church, Calvary Chapel Soroti. We spend most of our time in discipleship. I also teach Sunday School, spend a lot of time cooking and doing dishes and I'm about to begin teaching English classes for women in our church community. I appreciate a good book (kindle + library = yay!), dark coffee (I do hail from the beautiful Pacific Northwest), and even darker chocolate. I value getting my hands dirty with friends…

I'm a TCK turned cross cultural worker. I was born and grew up in Kenya, East Africa. I’ve lived in Oregon, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Michigan, Japan, Portugal, and now Ecuador! I’ve been married to Rusty for nearly 20 years, and we have 3 precious sons and 1 beautiful daughter. Each one of our kids was born on a different continent through no plan or design of my own! We've been in Ecuador since April, 2012, and we currently administrate Camp Bellevue, a Christian camp in Tabacundo, Ecuador. We oversee daily operations, coordinate short-term visiting groups and youth camps, run an after-school program for children of low-income families in our community, and work to encourage and…

Our family is currently serving in Uganda and have also lived and served in Asia. We have three littles and a crazy, busy, adventurous life that we…

My family lives in rural Northeast Thailand. We teach English and do all the other things that rural life requires - plant and harvest rice, fetch Pa's cows, eat bugs and blood... imperfectly attempting to live incarnationally and loving our neighbors while we…

Location: Cavan, Ireland Region: Europe Visit My Website follow me on Facebook

Hey! I'm Silvana... I have been overseas for the last 11 years and now I am back to my hometown for a time of furlough and reconnect with family, friends, and church. I am involved in the Bible Translation…

Serving youth in…

I'm a southern girl living in Honduras with my husband. We serve with a community development organization working closely with the local church. I enjoy reading, writing, dabbling in art, taking photos, traveling, and learning new languages. Enneagram 4w5,…

Officially:Serving with Children's Programs. Actually: Blessed beyond measure because I'm living out my lifetime dream of serving others. I'm enjoying my small role in God's production He is allowing me to be a part of. I love Haiti: the sunshine, the people, the food, the music and the…

Living abroad since June 2018. Teaching middle school reading and writing at a private, international…

I am on my first long-term leave here in Cambodia. We teach English to underprivileged kids/street kids. And give them a safe place to grow and learn about Jesus. Its been a crazy journey, but I'm looking forward to where Jesus takes…

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