Merry Christmas from Velvet Ashes

Wherever you are in this big beautiful broken earth, may you be at home in Him today.

May your definition of Christmas stretch new and wide.

May any miles that separate you and your loved ones rise as a fragrant gift offering to Him.

May the loss and pain of this year be carried to the manger, to the One who came to know our hurt.

May the joy of His presence catch in your throat.

May the contentment of Christ sink deep in your soul.

May you ache with longing for His coming again.


This Christmas, Velvet Ashes, we rejoice in the gift of you.  We rejoice in the way that our sister-band, our global tribe has journeyed this year.  We have trekked together, gently nudging, sometimes pulling each other along, laughter and tears marking our path.  It is a game-changing gift to be in community, to have this place to share and to be understood.  So thank you for showing up here, for giving of yourself and the story He is writing in you.

From our Team, we wish you a joy-filled and very merry Christmas!

Don’t forget to take a picture of some Christmas joy and come share it with us at The Grove beginning Thurs 6pm EST.  We want to see your Christmases around the world!

Photo Source : Unsplash

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