The Grove Prompt: Connect

Here is the paradox of connection: connection involves individual parts.

Connection is a dance that requires time. Time to learn. Time to hear. Time to be misunderstood. And then time to be understood.

Connection thrives in enough space. Space to explore. Space to enjoy. Space to just be.

Connection involves change. Our understanding of a culture changes. Our views of God may broaden or deepen. Our thoughts on suffering or justice or any other host of ideas will morph.

In the end there is no one way to foster connection, there are many ways. Spend time this week exploring where your connections are strong and can be celebrated. Where are your connections showing a bit of weakening and need to be strengthened? Where are they down-right fraying under the stress of your life?

Join the discussion around connection this week in the comments, on Instagram  using #VelvetAshesConnection, and then at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST. Bring your blog posts to link up. We want to hear your experiences and your thoughts!

What do you think?

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