This Week’s Prompt: Humility

When you moved overseas, did all of your neatly hidden pride issues come roaring out in the open?

Or was it just me?

This week, we’re taking a hard look at “Humility.”  Because like it or not, living overseas comes with a hefty serving of humble pie.

TodayEmily Thomas takes the first step in admitting she has a problem.  Here’s a safe place to admit yours too.

Tuesday – How do you live when you’re torn between two desires?  Join us for the continuing discussion of My Name is Asher Lev at Book Club.  Whether you’re reading the book or not, bring some art work to upload!  It can be your own or a piece of art you admire.

Wednesday – Is there anything more humiliating humbling that learning a new language?  For anyone who has ever struggled with language learning, or with being a stay-at-home mom overseas, you will NOT want to miss this priceless interview with Anne Packevicz, “When Others ARE Better Than You Are.”

Thursday – Do you ever feel like people are constantly watching you?  Is that because people ARE constantly watching you?  Melissa Toews shares, “Life in a Glass House.”  How do you handle all the eyes on you?

Friday – Join me at The Grove (beginning at 6amEST) and bring your stories and lessons learned on “Humility.”  Any inspired artists around?  Come share what the word “Humility” sparks in you.  It’s sure to be a rich time as we open up about our hard-to-swallow pride and what life overseas is doing in us.

Can I just say how much I LOVE our growing community?  Every week I am awed by what happens here.  Thank you to the amazing team that makes this all happen, and to you, our dear readers who show up and share straight from the heart.

Together we are Velvet Ashes, learning to thrive in unlikely places.

Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan via Compfight cc

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