This Week’s Prompt: Language

There are certain moments seared into memory when it comes to language learning, aren’t there? Growing up, meat was packaged and labeled so I (Amy) hadn’t paid much attention to how pork looked different from beef. I never pictured the day I’d be so desperate to know if the meat at the open meat market was beef or pork that I’d point to it and moo and then oink.

{I shiver telling you this. Oh my word. I was already so much larger than everyone and now I was making American farm animal noises for grown men.}

Pre-field my dear introverted teammate probably never pictured the day she’d stand near a teammate in public while they made animal noises.

Oh language we love you and need you and respect you!

Do you ever think of the tower of Babel and wonder what it might be like not to need to learn another language to communicate? Me too. But do you also marvel at how no one language can hold all that God is and the more you learn, the more you see? Me too.

This week’s theme is language and we’ve got some treats in store for you. Here’s one hint: Kay Bruner joins us again! Yippee. So enjoy the week and we’ll see you at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST, where you can bring your thoughts, your art, your blog link-ups.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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