This Week’s Prompt: Prepare

Do you know what this week is?  It’s special.  Why?  Because we’re kicking off a new series that is specially designed for ladies on their way to the field.  Want to know why we’re all going to love it?  Because the coming weeks are chalk full of incredible goodness, wisdom gained and shared.

Those of us who’ve been on the field, we forever remember the emotions of those weeks before we left that first time.  Memories of our first moments in our foreign land are crystal clear, aren’t they?

And don’t we all wish we’d had a whole community of women just a click away who understood what we’re going through?  Women who had been through it, to take our take hand and say, “You’re not alone.”

That’s what these coming weeks are about.

You don’t want to miss it.  And you also don’t want others to miss it.  So would you do something?  Would you share the news about what Velvet Ashes is doing with your organizations and sending agencies?  Will you let them know that we want to offer a community of encouragement to their ladies headed to the field?

You never know who will be connected and empowered because you spread the word.

Here’s what’s ahead this week:

TodayJessica Hoover taps into the fives senses when it comes to preparing for the field.

Tuesday, Enjoy a thought provoking quote from Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo for Book Club and join the conversation.

Wednesday, Kayla Lemon reminds us different “names” we might put on as we prepare for a new stage in life.

On Friday, it will be Amy Young’s first time to host at The Grove!  You’ll be so blessed by her words.  We invite you to share your own thoughts of how you’ve prepared for the field as we explore different ways God has prepared his servants over the years.  Bring your stories, your wisdom, your fears and questions.

This week we’re here to help prepare

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  1. Elizabeth July 14, 2014

    This is a brilliant idea. I’m excited to be part of this conversation!

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