This Week’s Prompt: Sanity

“Sanity.” It’s funny how we use this term. We pull it out for day-to-day stresses and annoyances, with flippant, drama-queen statements (yes, guilty here!):

“This is driving me insane!”

“I’m going to loose my mind!”

But then we also use it to talk about the very deep and real illness that affects the entire mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

Within the illness itself there’s the extremely broad range. It’s not as simple as “you have the illness” and “you don’t.”

Everyone dips into seasons of “I’m not okay,” or “I’m not in a healthy place.” And that means something different for each of us.

We all know that the stresses of cross-cultural living can easily pile up and push us to those unhealthy places on the sanity spectrum. We can easily find ourselves longing for spiritual/emotional wellness, but not know how to find it.

Do you know what one of the best things is for staying sane? Community.

Velvet Ashes is a community of women who get it. And this week we are opening up about our sanity levels. We’re going to be that safe place to share.

Maybe you need to vent some stress about your crummy air conditioner. Maybe moving across the world (either direction) is feeling completely overwhelming, and you need to know you’re not alone.

Or maybe you need a place to ask for help because you don’t want to get out of bed.

Bring your story to The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST. And join us for the powerful posts and conversations happening throughout the week.


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