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Travel.  It’s what we do.  It makes for some of the greatest moments of our lives and also some of the most intensely stressful.  This week we’re sharing it all.  We’ve got crazy travel stories, the spiritual lessons of travel, plus great travel tips for singles and families.

We want to hear your stories!  We know you’ve got them.  Bring them to The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST. And please come with all your tips and advice!  You know you’ve got lessons learned the hard way, and don’t you want to spare someone else?!  We’re all in this traveling gig together, so let’s help each other out.

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  1. TeresaP June 10, 2016

    Packing: Use 2-gallon zip-lock bags for clothes you don’t want to get wrinkled! Carefully fold shirts (I like to button all buttons, smooth & flatten the material, & use the three-fold method) into a square/rectangle. You can stack 3-4 men’s & 3-5 women’s shirts, or you can put a whole outfit in one bag (slacks/skirt, top, underwear, socks, etc). This makes it easy to grab what you need from your bag, and no matter how much you move stuff around, you won’t undo all that careful folding.  (You can usually find the 2-gallon bags in dollar stores in the USA.)

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