Word Prompt: Sorrow

I don’t usually do this.  In fact, I never actually have.  But this week is different.  This week I am going to tell you exactly what we have in store, because I want you to know the gold that is coming.  This week we are going to hear from ladies that know sorrow, the deep suffering kind.  They are going to offer us the gold that the Father has made in the midst of their desperate situations.

Today – We have Tanya Marlow sharing from the midst of the disease that has her nearly housebound.  She  starts off our week by calling suffering what it is – bad.  But then she dares us to look for the gold.

Tuesday – We’ll talk at book club about cultivating joy and gratitude in hard times.  Because this life we live?  It’s an intertwining of joy and sorrow.

WednesdayLaura will tell us of the journey that followed her robbery, rape and kidnapping in South Africa.  Of miracles even in that.

Thursday – We’ll hear from Mary DeMuth and the story of abuse and healing that she talks about in her new book, “Not Marked.”  She’ll specifically address us as women serving overseas and the topic of sexual abuse.  This is for those who have experienced this suffering and for the ones walking alongside of them.

Friday – I’ll be hosting my dear friend, Brooke Holliday, as she shares with us the sorrow of losing her son.  She’ll speak honestly about how she never for one instant doubted that God would heal her son…and then he died.  She was left wrestling with the overwhelming “Why?”  You will not want to miss the words that flow from her walk of grief.

At The Grove, we’ll all gather round to share on sorrow.  Perhaps sharing with us will be a step of healing for you and your sorrow.  For those that have found joy again, we need to hear from you.  All of you poets, artists, loving listeners and kind encouragers, we’re counting on you to be there too.

What a week this will be, friends.  Let’s show these dear ones what an honor it is to hold the gift of their stories.

Much love,


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