Creating Space for God {The Grove: Practices}

My journal is laced with longings.

Longings to love like Jesus. Longings for the fruit of the Spirit to be the foundation of my attitudes and deeds. Longings for His life to be expressed in and through me.

Longings to access His strength in exhaustion.

His wisdom in chaos.

His compassion in fatigue.

His goodness in sorrow.

Longings for hope and kindness to dwell in me.

And along with those expressions of longings is a deepening awareness that my compassion, my strength, my resources run out quickly.

And that’s the point, isn’t it? I don’t have the goods to do what God has asked of me. My best efforts cannot accomplish what only God Himself can do.

It is only when Jesus in me touches a need that things change.

My part is to create space for Jesus in every conversation, in every decision, in every interaction. To let Him be who He is. In me. Simply let Jesus be who He is in my being and in my doing.

I don’t need strength and wisdom and compassion. But I desperately need the God who IS strength and wisdom and compassion to be who He is. In me. In my weakness. In my lack.

I can’t turn water into wine. But I can bring the jars of water to Him.

I can’t make the lame walk. But I can lower my friend through the roof into His presence.

I can’t save, heal, rescue, or renew. But I can create space for Jesus to do what only He can do.

This week at Velvet Ashes, we have been talking about life-giving practices, rhythms that nurture our souls, refresh and renew us. These are the habits that create space for God to expand our hearts and our spirits so He can be who He is in us.

You and I need anchors. Spiritual practices that root our souls into Jesus, grounding us in truth and hope. Soul strengthening habits that provide a weighty steadiness when our bodies and minds are adrift in the river of transition.

But why?

Because Jesus longs to impart Himself to us. He longs to infuse aspects of who He is into the core of our beings. Our part is to make room for Him.

Whatever your soul is panting for is a place God wants to meet you and become the answer to your longing.

And honestly, friend, I need you filled up with Him. When I need life spoken into me, I need Jesus spoken into me. When my soul aches for encouragement, I want to be met with God-breathed courage and hope. My needs run deeper than what you can touch. But Jesus in you can touch those places in my soul needing healing and refreshment and courage.

Would you expand your capacity to be with Him so when I meet you, I experience Him?

Oh friend, make room for Him. Do whatever it takes to create that space in your soul and welcome Him into it. Creating space in your soul often translates into creating space in your calendar. In your day. In your moments. In your routines. In your daily rhythms.

What will you do TODAY to expand your capacity for Him and welcome Him in?

What spiritual practices anchor and root you into Jesus?


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  1. Jenilee January 20, 2017

    I love this. “My part is to create space for Jesus in every conversation, in every decision, in every interaction. To let Him be who He is. In me. Simply let Jesus be who He is in my being and in my doing.” What a good word for us today! and the fact that we can’t, we aren’t, but HE IS.

    1. Patty Stallings January 20, 2017

      Thanks, Jenilee! I need to remind myself of this frequently. So grateful HE IS!

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