What You Need to Know About Connection Groups

Connection Groups are just around the corner and many of you have been around this community long enough to have a solid understanding of what these groups are. We are also happy many of you are new arrivals.  You possibly don’t know what we are talking about or what to expect.

If this is your first time hearing about these groups or if you want a recap of the different options, here is a quick description of our Connection Groups.

Unlike talking to friends back home where you have to explain so much of your life, when you sign up for a CG, you are joining a small group of women who get your life, allowing you to go deeper more quickly than you might in other contexts.

    • Each group has a facilitator who will initiate your weekly gathering and keep the ball rolling during your meeting.
    • In general we have four types of groups: Skype, Facebook Live Chat, Facebook Only and Email.
      1. Skype is one of our preferred methods because it allows for you to actually talk with other people! Many of you are isolated and not able to have these kind of conversations. Skype groups also have a private Facebook group to allow for connection at other times too.
      2. We also have Facebook Only groups because we know some of your internet is not reliable enough for Skype or you travel or have other reasons Skype doesn’t work.
      3. Facebook Live Chat is not to be confused with Facebook Live which started after we came up with our name. I understand the confusion, but we just can’t figure out what to call these groups so the name stays. This is my personal favorite type of group. It is basically a hybrid of the Skype group and the Facebook Only group. You have a set hour where all of you will go to your secret Facebook group. Your facilitator will upload questions and all of you can respond, comment, tag, like and ask each other questions. It give the live aspect of the Skype groups and as a result tends to foster deeper connection. It also doesn’t require as strong or reliable of an internet connection.
      4. We will also have one email only group for those of you not on Facebook.
    • In all groups: after hearing about your week, your facilitator will initiate a conversation around the weekly themes and posts, allowing for the discussion to be mildly focused without being prescriptive.
    • Each group is limited in size, which is why if you sign up for a group, we need you. Please know that you may be in a place where you have nothing to offer, but you desperately need a group. That is more than okay! That is why we have Connection Groups. But it isn’t a place to sign up to just watch others be a group. There is a subtle, yet profound, difference between, “I’m going to be here as an observer but won’t participate” and “I’m going to be here. I don’t have anything to offer, but I need you.”
    • Like in the past, we will stagger registration in three waves so that different time zones about the world should have equal access to CGs. Skype and Facebook Live Chat groups haven’t filled up overnight, so all Skype groups will be opened when we start registration. Facebook Groups will be staggered in three waves with wave one opening Tuesday, September 5th at 6 p.m. EST, wave two Wednesday September 6th, a little after 8 a.m. EST, and wave three Wednesday September 6th a little after 2 p.m. EST.

If you want more information about what Connection Groups are, you can find that here. Please be praying about if this is something you would like to join. If you would like to see the days and times these groups will be offered you can check out our registration page—scroll down and you will find it. You won’t be able to sign up for the groups until September 5th at 6pm EST, but take a few minutes to check out the facilitator bios and the types of groups being offered this year.

Please join in our excitement and mark your calendars because registration is coming soon and it fills up fast.


  1. Annalisa September 3, 2017

    There’s part of me looking at the list of options–as I hold my 4-week old daughter–thinking “no way I can deal with one more thing on my plate when I’m lucky if I get a shower twice a week,” but then I see the group for pregnant and new moms and think “Well, if there’s one group in the world who would completely understand where I’m coming from in this season of my life or why someone who lives in Guatemala is posting at times no sane Guatemalan is awake, that would probably be the group.” I got off Facebook in late February not wanting to deal with it while I was pregnant (and participated in the VA e-mail CG as a result), but maybe this is the sign that it’s time to go back.

  2. Caitlin L September 4, 2017

    Annalisa! Lovely to hear from you! I hope if you don’t join these groups you’ll find a way to have community and help and friendships. But I so encourage you to join a group! You added so much to our group last time 🙂

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