Author: Jodie Pine

Jodie Pine

This fall I’m continuing my soul care development through the Soul Care Institute, and I’m honored to be part of the devotional author team for Thrive Connection. Be sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already, to get the newly launched daily devotionals, especially for women serving overseas: Thrive Connection. I’m excited that I’m going to be called Nai Nai soon (Chinese for grandmother). Weekly updates about my son’s participation in childbirth classes in Cincinnati have brought back memories of his birth at a local Chinese hospital 24 years ago. They don’t have to get beeper numbers for taxi drivers like we did, but he does have to pack his own hospital bag because COVID childbirth restrictions won’t allow him to leave and re-enter the hospital. Our family is adjusting to middle and high school e-learning for our two boys at home and thinking about a small COVID wedding for our oldest son and fiance in NYC. I write about what God is teaching me on my blog. I am also on Instagram and Facebook.