Velvet Ashes is Taking a Sabbath This Week!

Remember a few months ago when we discussed the idea and practice of Sabbath?

We saw that the Creator has woven Sabbath into the very rhythms of nature.  Remember the tusk of the narwhal?

We talked about how to cultivate rest and play.

We shared about our deep need for rest.

We gave ideas for how leaders can rest.

We talked about our addiction to doing, and had an enriching talk at The Grove about what Sabbath actually looks like in our lives.

After all of this, the Velvet Ashes team decided we needed to put this life-giving discipline into practice here at Velvet Ashes.  So this week we’re doing just that.  We taking the week off.  We’re giving ourselves space to breathe and rest.  There will be no posts this week.  No Book Club, no meet up at The Grove.  Just space to be quiet, to fill up again.

There’s lots of rich reading for you here in the mean time.

Check out our posts on singleness, marriage, and mothering TCKs.

Are you processing change right now?  See if you’re a pre-griever or a post griever.

Just trying to survive the unsettledness of transition?  This is for you.

Are you in the midst of returning?  Has your life overseas chapter come to a close?  There’s a word for you here.

Try out any of Ashley’s amazing recipes!

Dive into July’s book for book club: Behind the Beautiful Forevers


See you after Sabbath, friends.

Photo Credit: A Guy Taking Pictures via Compfight cc

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